Saturday 24 June 2017

Porterhouse beers in bottles

(Thanks @gingerdaniels13 for taking the pics again)
Porterhouse have decided to bottle some of their beers for the off sales market, 21 years after their first brewpub opened in Dublin, here's what Michelle and I thought of them.
Disclaimer from me - not a big fan of red ales, and, I'm afraid this offering didn't change my mind. My Untappd comments "Burnt ash on the nose was an unpleasant opening, the sweet malty flavour too much for me. Not a style I love, maybe better on tap?" Michelle however enjoyed it much more then me, her thoughts "Lovely, light red ale with a great taste, good colour but not much aroma."
As you can see we were definitely split on this one. Time to move on to beer number two.
Now, this was more like it, although whether it lives up to the title "Best stout in the world" is probably up for debate, especially given it is classed as a porter (Discuss?)
"Toast on the nose. A light dry bitterness with hints of sweetness running through it. Translates very well to the bottle."
Michelle was even more effusive than me "Awesome porter, lovely aroma, great taste and mouthfeel. Delicious could drink a few of these."
A thumbs up from both of us this time.
Decided to split the two dark beers with the pilsner (by the way what do you think of the bottle tops?), a strategy that worked rather well.
Michelle's comments first up this time "A lovely, malty pilsner with a great aftertaste and very easy to drink."
And, as you can see, our thinking on this one was very similar - "Slightly malty/biscuity nose, lovely refreshing carbonation, but, but not too fizzy. Easy drinking fruity flavour. Very good."
Agreement again, what about the last beer?
Further disclaimer - this was my favourite of the four beers, which as you can see from my Untappd comments is pretty obvious "Delicious. Jewel in the crown of the bottle range. Sweet chocolate notes, smooth mouthfeel." But, what did the Mrs think? "Smooth, good mouthfeel and an easy drinker. Lovely aroma loads of flavour." More agreement.
We didn't pay for these beers, but, pretty certain that we have provided honest comments.

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