Wednesday 7 October 2015

SX BottleShare 6th Oct 2015

Well well, 35 days since the last bottle share at The Ale House, doesn't time fly?
The Sep one was 24 hours after my summer holiday had finished and now i find myself thinking about the last two bottle shares before 2015 disappears!
The regulars were all present bar one (Shaun, you were missed), as well as a few returnees, including two from Wales (our reach is far and wide) and a potential newbie, at one point there were 10 of us and yes as you can see below, we had 11 beers. The Hospital Porter by Signature Brew was a bit of a "Brucie bonus" - thanks Matt.

Below are the beers we tried, along with my Untappd comments (unaltered, apart from the Jakehead IPA, which i didn't comment on initially as i had sampled it very recently):

Er Boqueron 4.8% by Premium Beers From Spain - Salty nose/taste. Soft mouth feel. Bit "wheaty"?

Maldon Oyster Stout 5% by Farmer's Ales - Maldon Brewing Co. - Dry/Bitter finish. Roasted flavours (burnt toast). Hint of chocolate

Waterloo Triple Blond 8% by Waterloo Brewery Mont-St-Jean at The Ale House – “Belguimy”. A very subtle 8%. Could drink a few.  

The Three Threads 6.4% by Anspach & Hobday at The Ale House - Some dark flavours....bit watery/thin.

Jakehead IPA 6.3% by Wylam - Had this very recently, not sure it lasts long/keeps fresh, but, still a wonderful beer.

Hospital Porter 7% by Signature Brew - Bit too carbonated. But, apart from that, brilliant.

Konrad's Stout 10.4% by Lervig Aktiebryggeri - Soft/Easy. Bitter. Lovely.

NZ Hopfen Weisse 6.5% by Cloudwater Brew Co. - Banana, wheat, no herbs....enjoyable.

Storm & Averij 10.2% by Brouwerij De Molen - Not for me.

Sriracha Stout 5.7% by Rogue Ales - Subtle and spicy...but, not for me.

Gouden Carolus Noël 10.5% by Brouwerij Het Anker - A bit like Morcambe and Wise, all the right notes, but, not in the right order.
Not sure there was a universal stand out beer last night, but, the Maldon Oyster Stout was well received (even if it was a last minute decision by Dan), and, we all agreed more of these types of beer would be most welcome going forward - Speckled Hen anyone?
Maybe we should feature at least one Essex beer every time we meet, if only we knew an expert on Essex beers........?!?!?!
Another one that we all agreed was good was the Konrad Stout.
The Three Threads divided opinion as far as i remember, as did the Er Boqueron.
As ever, there were hits and misses, as well as opposing views, but, above all it was fun for all concerned, and i am already looking forward to the November one.

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