Tuesday 15 December 2015

12 Beers of Christmas - Day 8

Sunday 27th Dec was Star Wars and catch up with friends day, hence late release of blog.
Also, the M & S Greenwich Ale (6%) from Meantime that has been barrel aged for 6 months in Monnet cognac was rather a disappointment to me, so, i had little incentive last night when i drained the last drop from my glass. It had a rather thin mouthfeel, and none of the woody/vanilla notes i was hoping for, a shame really as this type/style of beer is one i usually find very enjoyable and a nice way to round off an evening. Maybe the "cellar" will works its magic on the other one.

For those of you who are eagle-eyed, you will notice the return of the Cybermen. These are both from the classic series.
On the left, is the Cyberleader from Earthshock, a 5th Doctor story where the arrival of the Cybermen was actually a surprise to us viewers (pre internet spoilers). Also, at the end of episode 4, Adric, one of the companions died in an effort to save the earth, this was rather a shock to me at the time of airing in 1982. 

And, on the right we have the 1968 version of the Cybermen, from a second Doctor story entitled Invasion, set in London where the Cybermen have complete control of the people and the streets.
Only the Doctor, his companions and the newly formed UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) can stop them!

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